The GPA magazine, which was launched in 2013 and is published monthly, has firmly established itself as the ‘must-read’ title for the global payroll industry. With readers in more than 30 countries, it receives upwards of 120,000 page views per month. This online publication includes topical articles on payroll issues from around the world, delivering practical and thought-provoking advice from expert contributors on areas ranging from regulatory and legislative change to international business etiquette. Everything you need to know about global and in-country payroll in one monthly magazine.

Purely Global Issue 4 cover

August 2017

International Etiquette

Welcome to the August issue of the Global Payroll Association magazine. This month, it’s all about helping you get the most out of everything you do.

So for example, our cover feature, which is the latest in an excellent series on international business etiquette, explains how overseas professionals can avoid making hideous faux pas and upsetting everyone by providing insights into key cultural considerations when working in Europe. To this end, Paul Russell of soft skills training consultancy Luxury Academy examines the mores of key countries in the region such as Russia and Germany in order to help you understand the dos and don’ts.

Ruth Thomas of Curo Compensation, on the other hand, explores how to get the most value for money out of your compensation and reward strategy when pay budgets are shrinking worldwide. She questions whether traditional performance-related pay approaches are really the best option and offers some alternative approaches that might just be worth thinking about.


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